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One Dull Journal

all my creativity is lost

1 January
This is my doll journal. It is very dull right now. I am not quite so dull as this dull journal. I think I'll put a doll pic here so that it's obvious that it's a doll journal. Yeah, man, that's the ticket.

Sweet. Oh yeah, hey, anyone who likes looking at these doll pics, feel free to add as a friend. I may or may not add you back, but since I don't think I'll ever post friends only, no biggie! I'm just using this journal mainly to look at other people's doll shit, and show off my hotties, keke, so my adding will be sporadic and nonsensical. Woo!

~Mel / merethien <- I hate that username, because it feels so dumb to say it out loud!
(my real life journal is even more sporadically posted in and highly unlikely to ever contain anything interesting, but just to feel complete it's at http://merethien.livejournal.com) Also, I do art shit and sporadically post to a variety of places. Mostly I forget to post. http://merethien.deviantart.com is evidence of that. http://www.penquincentral.com/gallery has more, but it also has more crap. Yum. Crap.